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We are a 6th generation experimental family forest business in the Oregon coast range working towards a better model of forestry.


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In this section we share a range of resources and materials that may be of interest and value to our many partners: Hyla Woods Ecoassessment – The report is our first effort at summarizing as many aspects of the forests’ functions as possible. Monitoring Plan – Details of the Hyla Woods monitoring plan and an update […]


If you’re interested in connecting with Hyla Woods, there are a few good ways. Get in touch:  Peter Hayes- peter@hylawoods.com Ben Hayes – ben@springboardforestry.com 971-678-9466 Join our email list:  info coming soon. Find us on social media:  https://www.instagram.com/hyla_woods/?hl=en https://www.facebook.com/hylawoods/ Visit with some of our friends:  Build Local Alliance (www.buildlocalalliance.org) Northwest Certified Forestry (https://www.nnrg.org/) Forest Guild […]


One piece of the puzzle of making the growing of ecologically complex forests economically viable is finding, or developing, quality markets for all of the logs removed from the forest – including seven species and varied diameters and grades. As neighboring forests and the mills they supply become increasingly simplified (focused on small diameter fir […]

Our History

Our History With Forests – Our family’s life and wellbeing have been intertwined with forests since 1848 when our ancestor, Orrin Ingram, went to work as a teenager in the forests and steam sawmills of the Adirondack Mountains.  As family involvement with forests and sawmills grew and moved west – through Ontario, Wisconsin, and the Northwest – each […]


Hyla Woods is a family-owned business caring for three, working, experimental forests in the northern Oregon Coast Range. Using positive impact forestry methods, we aim to grow ecologically complex, economically viable, responsibly operated forests. Our wood is sold in both log form and as finished products, milled in the forest and dried in our solar dry […]

Updates From the Woods

In Praise of Ash – In Love with Ash –  Hearts and Systems Broken –  August 2022:

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When Aldo shared his now famous observation “One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives….. in a world of wounds” he got it only half right.  In my experience, an ecological education opens the doors to not only the wounds but also to the joys and wonders of the world around […]

Portland State University Students Assess Biodiversity in Mt. Richmond Forest

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Hyla Woods offers an immersive experience in a biodiverse forest setting within a 45-minute drive from the Portland State University (PSU) campus. This area was the original homeland of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Atfalati, Kalapuya and Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. These woods offer an example of a sustainably managed and ecologically complex […]

Seeing the Airport from the Forest

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There are many reasons why the current renovation and reconstruction at the Portland Airport is significant and worthy of attention. As a Coast Range forest owner and steward, viewing the project from a distance, I’m unfortunately not the right person to enumerate all of the reasons why we should take note of and learn from […]

Annual State of Lousignont Creek Report – December 2021

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Over the past nine school years the 7th grade class of Catlin Gabel School has embarked on the important (often wet, cold, and muddy) work of assessing the water quality of Lousignont Creek as it flows though Hyla Woods on its way to the Pacific. Students learn the ways of the field scientist and work […]

Three Days in a Forest – YOUR forest!

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I can’t think of a place where the ratio between the number of people who talk and think about a place is so out of whack with the number who have actually set foot in the place.  The place is the Elliott State Forest in the Oregon Coast Range and, until recently, I was part […]

Forest Products – Reflections On

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We were seated in a circle of folding chairs as the summer’s setting sun dropped below the tree line.  Looking down, I was surprised by the amount of dust caking my worn boots.  Dust lingering from a long day in the nearby forest loading logs from recently thinned trees onto mill-bound trucks.  All of us […]

Fence Pulling – A “Four Legged” Rewilding Adventure

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The Hyla Woods team is fortunate to be working in partnership with the good folks at Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District to plan and carry out a challenging 60 acre restoration project in our Mt. Richmond Forest on land recently purchased from our neighbors. One part of the project is removing four legs of […]

Illuminated by Fire

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Now that most welcomed, cold rains have brought our fire season to an end, it seems constructive to reflect on some of the lessons reinforced by events in the past two months.  Though the fires are dwindling, the human suffering related to them is far from over; this is a time to focus on ways […]

BEE – ing

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Over the years, we’ve monitored a variety of things in our forests, from birds to amphibians and creek bugs to water temperatures. We’ve often talked about what else to add. Thanks to Molly’s work with native bees and Extension forester Amy Grotta’s encouragement to join her 2019 Oregon Bee Atlas monitoring outings at Matteson State […]

Timber Wars – How Helpful?

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Metaphors Matter – It’s Time for a Change:   There is so much that is right, good, and encouraging about the accord that was recently reached between representatives of the so called timber industry and conservation groups in Oregon, and there is one key element that is wrong.  I hope that we’ll all support the effort’s […]

The Last Call?

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Over the thirty plus years that our family has been connected to our current forests, we have listened and looked long and hard for Northern spotted owls. We know that at some time in the past they found suitable homes in these forests, but so far we have yet to encounter one.  But they nested […]

Our Focus on Outcomes – Some Tentative News

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As forest stewards we believe that intentions are nice, actions are good, but outcomes are what matter most.  Accordingly, we are always hungry for chances to assess outcomes. One of those chances came yesterday morning.  At 7:15 AM, not long after the near solstice sun came over the hill, we finished the last of three […]