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ecologically complex, economically viable, responsibly operated forests

Timber, Mt. Richmond, Manning | Oregon


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Hyla Woods meets Social Media

Posted on Jun 18 by

Apparently the 21st century has brought with it all of these great technologies such as facebook, instagram, twitter, and tumblr. We’re still out in the woods trying to...


….and they will come?

Posted on Jun 17 by

In the forest, as in the rest of life, we look for validation – don’t we?  But what does it look like?  What forms really matter to us? Early on the morning of June...


From Argentina – With Love?

Posted on May 30 by

Cheesy as it may sound, it is hard for me not to be uplifted by a trip to our forests – if I am paying attention.  Yesterday was no exception. Still groggy from vacating...


Legalized Gambling

Posted on Apr 2 by

Though we are not enthusiastic about heading down to Reno or Las Vegas to test our luck, recent experiences remind us that there is plenty of gambling to be done without ever...


Restoration Works… Sometimes

Posted on Apr 2 by

It  would be good if we could pretend that we know what we’re doing, but the truth is that, more often than not, we don’t.  Since 1986, we have invested our time,...