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Timber, Mt. Richmond, Manning | Oregon


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Battle Field Clues – Scarlet Ribbons

Posted on Jan 29 by

Standing on a winter’s day in this cool forest, surrounded by 12″ fir trees, it is all too easy to forget that not long ago this was the scene of a heated battle. ...


Taint Normal – Spring in the Spring

Posted on Jan 19 by

What’s wrong with this picture?  It was taken on January 14th in our Mt. Richmond Forest.  If you look closely, you will see fresh green shoots of skunk cabbage rising up...


A Ghost No More – The Third Rule

Posted on Jan 19 by

In our forests we are mindful of what we consider “ghost species”.  These are species that were part of these ecosystems in the recent past, but no longer are.  We...


A Hopeful New Year

Posted on Jan 19 by

In the world of forest stewardship, we continuously encounter events in the forest that run the gamut from encouraging and hopeful to discouraging and depressing; that just goes...


Confirmation, at Last

Posted on Nov 29 by

After years of knowing that we share the forests with big cats, we finally have photo confirmation.  Gary Lerwick, one of the long time and reliable hunters in the Mt. Richmond...


Divest – Invest, From Global to Local

Posted on Nov 14 by

With the US and China recently signing a climate change agreement, it appears that positive steps are beginning to be taken, in spite of our counterproductive congress. Who knows...