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ecologically complex, economically viable, responsibly operated forests

Timber, Mt. Richmond, Manning | Oregon


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A Video Adventure

Posted on Mar 21 by

    We were surprised and honored when Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Field Guide producer, Vince Patton, approached us about the possibility of their...


Being Sensible

Posted on Feb 26 by

Of the many pleasures of forest stewardship, using our good sense(s) rates high on the list.  Each forest and season has its own unique smells.  The feel of the winds change...


Solar Kiln Swings Into Gear

Posted on Feb 26 by

With 3,000 board feet of Oregon white oak fully air dried and the sun each day rising higher in the sky, today we were pleased to wake up the kiln from its winter’s nap and...


Pecha Kucha Follow Up Resources

Posted on Feb 12 by

Follow On Notes From Peter Hayes’ Pecha Kucha Presentation Feb. 12, 2015: First, the joke.  How about:  Q: What is the best definition of “perfect pitch”?  A: When the accordion...


Pam Wrestles With Loggers

Posted on Jan 29 by

If this brings to mind images of Pam, the mighty mite, with braid flying, pummeling some hickory shirted, red suspendered, shagged panted, tobacco chewing, tin hat wearing brute...