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ecologically complex, economically viable, responsibly operated forests

Timber, Mt. Richmond, Manning | Oregon


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Confirmation, at Last

Posted on Nov 29 by

After years of knowing that we share the forests with big cats, we finally have photo confirmation.  Gary Lerwick, one of the long time and reliable hunters in the Mt. Richmond...


Divest – Invest, From Global to Local

Posted on Nov 14 by

With the US and China recently signing a climate change agreement, it appears that positive steps are beginning to be taken, in spite of our counterproductive congress. Who knows...


The Fir is Flying

Posted on Nov 14 by

How fortunate we are that our most common local tree, Douglas fir, provides such beautiful and terrific wood.   This past month, fir grown in the high quality stands in our...


An Island in a Sea

Posted on Nov 14 by

Over the past few years we have realized that there is large scale clear cutting on the boundaries of all three of our forests.  With the economy rebounding, China having a large...


Let it Rain!

Posted on Jul 30 by

We all know the satisfaction that comes with finally completing some task that you’ve been meaning and wanting to complete for some time.  This feeling was induced in the...


Molly Interprets the Birds

Posted on Jun 26 by

  The birds that live in and pass through the Hyla Woods forests have much to tell us about the changing health and condition of the forests – if we are paying...