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ecologically complex, economically viable, responsibly operated forests

Timber, Mt. Richmond, Manning | Oregon


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Who’s Telling? Where Does Truth Lie?

Posted on Nov 18 by

We, as Oregonians, have good reason to stay well informed about the condition of the forests – public and private – in this remarkably forested state. But how do we...


Looking Drought in the Eye

Posted on Nov 17 by

Until this fall I’ve escaped living with the first hand consequences of drought.  Sure, I have had my share of hot, dry adventures where we hunted for a drink of water as...


It’s Time – What Time?

Posted on Nov 17 by

“How do they know?”   – Visitors come to the forest to enjoy watching and celebrating the return of spawning salmon to Lousignont Creek.  While taking it all...


The Forest Speaks?

Posted on Oct 29 by

The strangest thing happened in the forest the other day. After a hard day of bucking, splitting and stacking, us members of the crew set down our tools of wood dismemberment,...