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Full Use of Good Cedar – A Family Story

Posted by on Feb 13, 2016 in Blog |

This past year, Peter, Caroline, and Lizzie put their heads together to consider what might be a good birthday gift for their father.  Recognizing the skill and enthusiasm he brings to wood working, they asked themselves “why not get him some special lumber from our buddies out at Hyla Woods?”.  The transaction was made, Paul was thrilled, and some months went by.  On Christmas morning Paul returned their generosity by presenting each of his children with their own special box – made from the cedar they gave to him.  Back atcha! Here are comments from Paul: “I was really excited on my birthday when my children gave me the three long 3” thick boards of beautiful clear cedar from Hyla Woods and immediately started to sketch different pieces I could make with this ancient and distinct wood.  I came to a long narrow table design using boards that are 2” thick and which include dovetail joints.  I had never done dovetail joints.  So after running the boards through the band saw and thickness planner I had 2 inch boards and ½ inch thick boards as remainder with which I figured to practice some dovetails.  First I read the articles and looked at videos and then completed a few test joints and different dovetail combinations between tails and pins.  Then I came upon the idea of making 4 boxes as a gifts to my family the cedar boards that were given to me.  I learned how to do dovetails, thirty two of them!  And I learned how to be patient and get creative to fill in gaps and nicks caused in the  dovetail making with a soft long grain wood like cedar.  The boxes make turned out pretty well, especially when fully sanded and oiled revealing the beauty of the cedar wood.” By coincidence, wood from the same large cedar that died of old age was already in the family home – in the form of cedar paneling behind the bed in the master bedroom. Comments from Jinx, the mother/wife in this adventure: “A house remodel opens up the opportunity to bring personal meaning and creativity into a space.  As we...

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Who Knows….

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in Blog |

Who knows where the wood goes? In the busy business of caring for the forests, and milling, drying, and selling the wood that they provide, it is all too easy to lose track of where the wood ends up. This week we had a welcome inquiry from our friend and customer, Charles Freeborn.  After discovering that the ash that he’s looking for won’t be milled and dried in time for his current project, I asked whether he might have any photos of what he made from the ash and maple that he got from us some time back.  Here’s what he sent.  Congratulations and thank you Charles!  It is an honor to work with you. Learn more about Charles and his beautiful creations at:  www.charlesfreeborn.com.        ...

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Bad Case of TMP

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Blog |

As vigilant forest stewards, we are continuously on the outlook for the various diseases and ailments that can compromise the health of the forests.  Whether it is laminated root rot, ambrosia beetles, blister rust, or those damned invasives, we have our eyes peeled and are poised to jump into defensive action.  You never know what might come next. So, it was with real dismay that, as our second day of winter planting drew to an end, we spotted the telltale signs and symptoms of an outbreak of TMP* in our crew chief, Pamela. The photo says it all:    “I look much happier than I felt”  – Pam Fortunately after a cup of tea, shower, and good night’s sleep the symptoms of TMP abated – but she’s not begging for more, yet. What about the 5oo trees that are still waiting in the bag?  Send reinforcements – and bring snacks! * Too Much Planting! ———————————————————— Postscript –  ADP (all done...

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