Hyla Woods Searching:

Mainstream forestry in Oregon has many strengths that are worth maintaining.  It also has significant weaknesses that deserve acknowledgement and attention, including forestry’s role in the decline of commonwealth values such as biodiversity.  We seek to help address these shortcomings, in the ways available to us.


The Overall Search – We are prospecting for hopeful models of forest stewardship and grower-consumer partnership that lead to enriched forests and sustained people.


Sub Searches – Our overall search is supported by seven interrelated sub searches:

  1. Silvaculture – We continue our twenty-five year experimentation in silvacultural approaches that best accomplish our goals.
  2. Improved Wood Markets – We continue to search for ways to connect wood from our forests with markets that recognize and value the qualities of the wood and the forests.
  3. “Beyond Wood” Markets – We encourage and support the development of markets that reward forest owners for providing goods and service in addition to wood.
  4. Essential Partnerships and Alliances – From loggers to customers to in-the-forest researchers to academics building and connecting new knowledge, our success depends on maintaining, strengthening, and expanding a web of mutually beneficial relationships focused on successful searching.


    A class from the Forest Grove Community School

  5. New Knowledge – Through learning from the forest, our current and potential customers and from the landscape and culture at large, we continue to seek, learn from, and depend on new knowledge.  We are particularly interested in the ever changing status of forest health in our forests and the larger landscape.
  6. Independence From Fossil Fuels and Toxics – We take proactive approaches to reducing our dependence.
  7. New Type of Person – And finally, we search for ways to help create a new type of person – one who treats nature based on what is right to do (ethics) not only on what they have the power to do, and who bases their buying decisions on true quality (quality of the item plus ensuring that the qualities of the place that it came from were maintained or enhanced by your choice to buy).