The Last Call?

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Over the thirty plus years that our family has been connected to our current forests, we have listened and looked long and hard for Northern spotted owls.

We know that at some time in the past they found suitable homes in these forests, but so far we have yet to encounter one.  But they nested nearby not long ago.  Oregon Dept. of Forestry maps of their nests showed several within half a mile of our Timber Forest into the early 2000s.

Because our hope abides, when we do our owl monitoring early each spring we continue to include their call among the five species that we call and listen for.  Maybe, just maybe…..?

This recent, well made piece by our friends at OPB’s Oregon Field Guide provides a helpful look into the ecology and status of this remarkable and troubled bird; we commend it to you.

Without getting too melodramatic, we still wonder what the future might hold not only for this one species of owl but for all life that does – or did – call the forests of our region home.   The journey continues……