A Most Hopeful Act

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This world is always in need of hope.

In our forests there is one activity that we always look forward to.  Tree planting.  One reason for this is that it is one of the few activities we do that is welcomely quet and not overshadowed by some load equipment.  But the main reason we look forward to and enjoy it is that is a fundamentally hopeful thing to do.  Every winter we suit up and slog through the mud and rain to stuff beautiful, vulnerable seedlings into the ground based on a faith – and hope – that this small thing will grow into something big and remarkable.  Perhaps this faith and hope is a metaphor or subset of the faith and hope that caring as best we can for these forests will be a good thing – for both the land and for the people.

As we planted valley ponderosa pine today in the meadow in the Timber Forest, thriving  trees planted five or six years  served as reminders that our faith may not be misplaced.

IMG_1130IMG_1129IMG_1131  Fortunately the protective tubes are made from corn starch and break down before they strangle the growing tree.