A Trail Day

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It was tough to imagine a more pleasant day to be in the forest – frost in the morning, followed by warm sun in the afternoon, the feeling of spring coming on fast, and good company working on an important project. A great team from Catlin Gabel School did a terrific job of making an excellent start on building the “For the Birds” trail in the Timber Forest. The trail links the end of the westside road to the NW corner of the Nedow – and provides an essential route for the spring bird counts that will start up in less than a month. The group worked hard, brushing out the corridor and making tread along much of the trail I think we were all impressed by how much good work could be done in such a short time, by a group working well together. Special thanks to all the workers; we hope they’ll come back. Thanks also to John Schubert for his expert work in trail design.