A Video Adventure

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We were surprised and honored when Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Field Guide producer, Vince Patton, approached us about the possibility of their program taking a look at our experiments in the forests.  They worked long, hard, and creatively to pull the piece together and it was aired this March.  We much appreciate their good work.

You can view the segment on our video page HERE> 

In hopes of clarifying a few statements that were make by the narrator, here are a several additional details:

– Ownership:  Though Pam and Peter Hayes are the most active of the Hyla Woods owners, Peter’s sister, Anna Hayes Levin, is an owner and also plays an important role.

– Family Continuity: Family engagement with US forests does span six generations, from Orrin Ingram (1830-1913) to the present.  Most would think of themselves as forest and sawmill owners, managers, and stewards more than “loggers”, though we do some logging and have great respect for the real pros.

– Profitability: This matters to us, just the same as it does to most forest owners.  Our operations are profitable and we focus more on ensuring long term profitability than maximizing short term profitability.