An Island in a Sea

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Over the past few years we have realized that there is large scale clear cutting on the boundaries of all three of our forests.  With the economy rebounding, China having a large appetite for wood, and log prices up, our forests are increasingly becoming islands in a sea of cut over land.  With the connectivity to habitat on adjoining land gone, a range of species rely on the safe havens that our forests provide.

Here is Pam looking out on the new clear cut on the northern border of our Manning forest.  We listen for the herbicide helicopters and plan to be nowhere near when they begin spraying.

Speaking of herbicide spraying, these recent articles may be of interest:



manning north

On the larger, landscape scale, here is an example of the large scale cutting NW of our Timber forest.  With many adjoining landowners cutting in close timing to one another, we end up with thousands of acres with little older than 10 years old.

rock creek