Bad Case of TMP

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As vigilant forest stewards, we are continuously on the outlook for the various diseases and ailments that can compromise the health of the forests.  Whether it is laminated root rot, ambrosia beetles, blister rust, or those damned invasives, we have our eyes peeled and are poised to jump into defensive action.  You never know what might come next.

So, it was with real dismay that, as our second day of winter planting drew to an end, we spotted the telltale signs and symptoms of an outbreak of TMP* in our crew chief, Pamela.

The photo says it all:

TMP   “I look much happier than I felt”  – Pam

Fortunately after a cup of tea, shower, and good night’s sleep the symptoms of TMP abated – but she’s not begging for more, yet.

What about the 5oo trees that are still waiting in the bag?  Send reinforcements – and bring snacks!

* Too Much Planting!


Postscript –  ADP (all done planting!)