Fence Pulling – A “Four Legged” Rewilding Adventure

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The Hyla Woods team is fortunate to be working in partnership with the good folks at Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District to plan and carry out a challenging 60 acre restoration project in our Mt. Richmond Forest on land recently purchased from our neighbors. One part of the project is removing four legs of fence along the former property line. Knowing that these fences, even in their dilapidated state, create barriers to wildlife movements, our rewilding strategies include the work of removing as much fencing as possible and minimizing impacts on the land. Knowing that many of our community forest friends often ask “how might we help?”, we invite volunteers to help with the work. Using COVID-safe strategies, our plan is to line up a series of work days with a maximum of 10 workers on each. It will be challenging and potentially frustrating work as we wrestle with roughly a mile of overgrown, falling apart fencing. Not for the faint of heart. No skill is needed but travel will be through rough, bushy, often muddy terrain and the weather has a good chance of being wet. The perfect antidote to too much time on Zoom!? Here is a map of the project and some photos of the fence.