First Significant Logging in Six Years

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After choosing not to do any major logging projects, due to poor market conditions, for the past six years, we’ve completed three projects this summer and fall. The largest project involved thinning of 60 tp 90 year old stands near the upper gate and on top of Mt. Richmond. Also at Mt. Richmond, we are working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to continue efforts to save oak woodlands from being killed by fast growing firs that overtop them and steal the light. Since 1995 we have been actively saving and restoring our oak, and we are pleased to benefit from the advice and support provided by the helpful and cooperative folk at USFWS. We are also appreciative of the essential role that the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District is playing in creating a route for the federal funding to get to the project.

The third project has been a 40 acre thinning of a 23 year old fir stand on Mt. Richmond. Working with Randy, Jarred, and Willard of Skeans and Son, the work has gone well and the stands look great. As the heavy rains set in and log prices drop due to the Chinesse appetite for wood drying up, it is a relief to have these projects complete.