Forests full of students- and other creatures

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The week of September 28 – October 3 saw much activity in the Timber Forest. For the full week, 23 10th grade students and teachers from the Seattle Waldorf School lived, explored, and worked in the forest. Studies ranged over all possible topics from ecology and economics to forestry and chain saw mechanics. They completed an encouraging range of important projects including fighting back invasive plants, clearing trails, documenting creek restoration work, and protecting trees from maurading elk and beaver. It was a pleasure to meet and work with them.

On Thursday we were joined by two classes from the Forest Grove Community School. We’re excited to have them back to continue their work of monitoring the health of Lousignont Creek. They placed their leaf pack monitoring bundles in the creek and will return in about a month to analyze their results. As the seasons rolled into Fall, it was a busy and productive week.
Special credit is due to the creative and energetic teachers who made this happen.