Hyla and Zena Team Up – Again

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great room master bedroom

Given our similar goals, values, and approaches, it should be no surprise that cooperation between Hyla Woods and Zena Forest Products is a common and welcome thing.

Our most recent adventure was working together to supply wood for Kurt and Mary Koehler’s remarkable new home in the their forest in the Coast Range foothills west of Junction City.  As the photos show, the home is an outstanding example of tasteful showcasing of local woods.  The extensive oak floors came from Zena Forest and Hyla Woods’ Mt. Richmond Forest.  Cedar paneling in the master bedroom came from a large, blown down Hyla Woods tree.  Thankfully, the house is built to be as long lived and resilient as the trees it is made from.

Since both the Deumling family and the Hayes family put a high priority on making sure that customers are pleased with their choice to use our woods, it was encouraging to get this recent note from the Koehlers:

“The wood is PERFECT and stunningly beautiful!

I am so glad we were able to use it in our house.

In addition, both of you were a pleasure to work with.

Again, your wood is absolutely gorgeous and I am so grateful for the care you both took in producing it.”

16 southern exposure koehlermaster hallway