Once in a Lifetime Wood

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This winter has been made unique in the Mt. Richmond Forest by the remarkable wood that we have spent the winter milling. For many years there has been, hidden away in a corner of the forest, a large pile of easily overlooked, large, strangely shaped, old cedar logs. At the end of a logging project in the mid ’90’s these salvaged logs ended up homeless because their dimensions were too odd to be acceptable to the sawmill which purchased their breatren – so they were left, but not forgotten. From the pile we have been able to mill both miserably rotten, good for not much boards, but also some beautiful, clear, very tight grained wood. It has been a once in a lifetime experience that will not be forgotten. As spring comes around the corner, we are nearly finished, the wood is happily drying in the solar kiln, and will be looking for a good home by early summer. Any takers?