Onwards Through the Mystery

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It comes up often in our conversations –  “could climate change be playing a role in what we’re seeing here…..?”

Whether it is dying trees, greater intensity of rain fall, abnormally long and hot dry spells, we wonder.

The scientists within – and among – us point out that we can never fully know.

On the one hand, perhaps it doesn’t matter – but on the other, it does.

We were reminded of this when over 3″ of rain recently fell on our Mt. Richmond Forest in less than 48 hours.

The amount of water overwhelmed the normally adequate drainage systems in the forest and the neighborhood, carving gullies into roadways.

More intense rainfall is in line with what we’re told we should anticipate from a changing climate, but…..

Is this climate change?

Yes or no?

To the end of time

We’ll never know


In the meantime, we’ll work on building beefier water bars to deflect the run off, and keep going.