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Follow On Notes From Peter Hayes’ Pecha Kucha Presentation Feb. 12, 2015:

  1. First, the joke.  How about:  Q: What is the best definition of “perfect pitch”?  A: When the accordion is thrown into the dumpster and it lands right on the banjo.  (note – I am fully qualified to tell this type of cruel, discriminatory joke, given that I own and play both of these long ridiculed, fine instruments)
  2. Mumford’s Quote – A paraphrased it, in the interest of the ticking clock.  Here is the real one:   “I have seen a lot of scenery in my life, but I have seen nothing so tempting as a home for man than this Oregon country…… You have the basis here for civilization on its highest scale and I am going to ask you a question which you may not like……. Have you enough intelligence, imagination, and cooperation among you to make the best use of these opportunities?”  I really like it because he was speaking to a room full of men who saw themselves as successful – and offered a different definition of success than most were measuring themselves by.   City Club of Portland, 1938.  Both of my grandfathers were probably there.
  3. Reconciliation – For a more thorough exploration, this might help:
  4. Family and Forests – More info on our ongoing relationship is here:  The book Downriver tells my great, great grandfather’s story and the book Boxing the Compass tells my grandfather’s.
  5. Status of Oregon Forests – There are many measures of how things are going.  Examples include:  38 animal species that are forest dependent in NW Oregon being either extinct or in serious trouble, this indicator – , and the recent CZARA ruling by the federal government.
  6. Experiment with a Single Stand – Here is a recent write up:  Thanks to Amy Grotta of OSU Forestry Extension, and her colleagues.
  7. Monitoring and Analyzing Forest Health and
  8. For a Summary of Hyla Woods’ Work
  9. GrowerConsumer Partnership and
  10. Build Local Alliance  Next event set for March 30th in Portland.  Come join the fun.
  11. Consumer Leadership  – Here is one example of a local business voting with its pocketbook for reconciliation:  and
  12. Upcoming – OPB’s Oregon Field Crew will take you to the forests Feb. 26th and later, through streamable video.  We’ll see what stories they choose to tell.

Yes, there will be a test!

Happy to discuss and hear feedback on any and all.

Thank you for your interest.  – peter