One piece of the puzzle of making the growing of ecologically complex forests economically viable is finding, or developing, quality markets for all of the logs removed from the forest – including seven species and varied diameters and grades. As neighboring forests and the mills they supply become increasingly simplified (focused on small diameter fir logs) this becomes an increasingly challenging.

To meet this challenge we process those logs with lowest log value and highest potential finished wood value into finished products, primarily the hardwoods. While most of our logs are sold to sawmills, a small percentage of our logs, primarily the hardwoods, are processed on site into flooring, laminated counters, finished lumber, and beams.

Our preference is to sell these products as directly as possible to the end user. Our involvement with the Build Local Alliance and other organizations helps us make and maintain these essential market connections.

Processing Elements:

  • Silvicultural approaches that improve forest health while providing a stable supply of high quality softwood and hardwood sawlogs.
  • Milling with our band sawmill and edger near Gaston, OR.
  • Drying of milled wood in our solar dry kiln