Cohoho Rendezvous 2013 Report

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We learned long ago that each year’s annual celebration of the return of the coho and the turning of the year is uniquely different – and this year’s was no exception.  The main challenges included a temperature of 8 degrees at the meeting time and snowy driving.  Rewards for the roughly 30 brave souls included a terrifically clear, crisp day, sharp and numerous animal tracks, good company, a close encounter with the resident red tail, the chance to build and learn about nest boxes, and – thankfully – at least six healthy coho doing their reproductive thing.  For some attendees it was a completely novel and challenging experience, while for others it was another chapter in an ongoing, familiar, annual routine.  Regardless, we were all grateful.  Thanks to Charlie Graham for his photos and to Char and Dave Corkran and Bill Wessinger for leadership on the nest boxes – in polar conditions!

IMG_1030snow droopIMG_1031red tail