Restoration Works… Sometimes

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It  would be good if we could pretend that we know what we’re doing, but the truth is that, more often than not, we don’t.  Since 1986, we have invested our time, effort, and treasure in a wide range of restoration efforts.  While all are informed by some degree of scientific information and analysis, all include a healthy dose of “cowboy science”, and  faith that the restoration goals will lead toward our desired outcome.

This spring we were reminded of this when we, once again, were pleased to see healthy egg masses of both northwestern salamanders and red legged frogs in a pond and wetland area that we created twenty years ago in the Mt. Richmond Forest.  We’re particularly pleased to be providing and creating good habitat and safe haven for the frogs given that they are in serious decline in this region.  Not all of our efforts are this successful, so we absorb nature’s encouragement and affirmation when we have the chance to.  “Build it and they will come”  – and they have.  Now, what’s next?