Some Terrific Wood

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Given the apparent feebleness of our memories, when it comes to see what types of boards are hidden in the stacks of wood that have spent the toasty summer drying in the solar kiln, the surprises are a little like unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. The fall’s 3,000 board foot charge of Oregon white oak was no exception. We were pleased to be reminded of about 20 boards that were remarkable for their width, grain patterns and absence of knots. These select boards are already on their way to local furniture makers by way of our friends over at Zena Forest Products. The remainder of the oak is in the process of becoming attractive flooring. Looking ahead to the wood that will be milled throughout the winter, we are excited to be cutting into a stack of cedar logs that have been cooling their heals on top of Mt. Richmond for the past 15 years. Where will that lumber end up?