Strangest Yet – The Day The Turtle Flew

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Over the years we have chalked up many strange events and mysterious phenomenon in the forests – but this week’s tops them all.

The story is short and straightforward.  This Monday morning a member of the Hyla Woods team had just started a drive down from the 1,200′ top of Mt. Richmond when a remarkable thing happened.  A Western pond turtle fell through the forest canopy and landed in the road ten feet in front of the car.

We assume that the only explanation is that a large bird snatched up the turtle from its home spot,  presumably a pond or wetland, flew over the top of Mt. Richmond and dropped it.  This is the first sighting of a turtle in any of our forests.  The nearest pond is over a mile away.  We checked with our neighbors and no one is missing a turtle.

There is some history of flying animals here. Many years ago this same driver was transiting the switchbacks in the lower forest soon after dawn and surprised a young bear.  The bear ran downhill and the driver continued around the tight curve.  Soon after there was a loud thud on the top of the car and a dazed bear was seen in the rear view mirror rolling off of the back of roof.  The bear learned the lesson that fleeing from danger may take you into greater danger.

More information on this special and troubled species of turtle may be found here.

What next, here on Turtle Island?!!