The Forest Speaks?

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The strangest thing happened in the forest the other day.

After a hard day of bucking, splitting and stacking, us members of the crew set down our tools of wood dismemberment, pulled off our gloves, wiped our sweaty brows, and stepped back to size up the results of our labors.

And what did we see?

woodpile art

Unknown to us, the spirit of the tree lives on – mysteriously revealed in the stack.

The wonders of woods work never ceases!

On a more serious note, following the annual round of forest work, fall finds us with a “cord in the Ford” backing onto the front lawn of one of our reliable customers to deliver the load of stored sunlight that will once again heat their home through the winter ahead.  The lively visits during the unloading are always something to look forward to.  The former nun and priest educate me with their reflections on the Pope’s visit.  Guido Rahr updates me on his recent wild adventures on the rivers of eastern Russia as be maneuvered to persuade Russian high rollers to join him in the work of conserving wild salmon.  How did that oak get unloaded so fast and effortlessly?

Now, what other work do we need to get to before the winter rains really set in?

(note – This great woodpile was made by Alastair Heseltine up on Hornby Island, B.C., not by us.  More info at: