Who Knows Where the Wood Goes – And Comes From?

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By now our regular readers know the drill.  It goes something like this:

  • An email alights in the Hyla Woods inbox asking whether we might be willing and able to provide wood for yet another off-the-beaten-track project.
  • Against our better judgement we respond “perhaps – please tell us more about what you’re after….”
  • The specific details are communicated and, even if we don’t have the time to do it, we respond “sure – why not”.
  • As the deadline nears we find ourselves grovelling in the mud and wrestling logs out of the woods and onto the trailer, muttering some variation of “who ever thought this was a good idea…?”
  • Of course, we underestimate the time and effort require and, accordingly, underbid the job.
  • Driving away from delivering the logs we share a “never again..” pledge
  • And then some months later, after the mud has been washed off and the sore muscles have recovered, into the inbox flutters a message sharing uplifting photos of the finished project.  Admiring the craftsmanship, artistry, and utility of the finished product stimulates that warm feeling inside that makes us all the more vulnerable next time the next hair brained request arrives…..

Who knows where the wood goes – and what it becomes?   We do!

Who knows where the wood came from?  Tyler Brumfield and his students at Pacific University do!

Hurray for the finished bike shelter – doing good work on the Pacific campus!