Woodworking With Forest Vitality in Mind

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The Hyla Woods team wants to salute our local, furniture making partner for doing a good thing.

Though it may seem small, we think it is significant.

Much like the chef who calls for the most select cuts from an animal without considering what the rancher will do with the remainder of the animal, for years, woodworkers have called for the small percentage of wood from a tree or forest that meets the highest, select standards with little apparent consideration of how their choices  might negatively influence the forests and foresters.  As foresters, we understand, respect and support our woodworking partners’ interest in using very high quality wood.  At the same time, this approach is a challenge for us, because forest health and vitality is advanced by thinning out the lower value trees and allowing the old, high quality trees to continue their important contributions to the forest ecosystem.  It seems that we all agree that we need and want wood markets that encourage and support forest health and restoration and discourage forest degradation.

Though our friends at the Joinery continue to understandably love the most select oak that our Mt. Richmond Forest can grow, they have recently shifted to also selling a Hyla Woods product that is made from the lower grade oak that so commonly comes from our thinning projects that improve forest health – end grained cutting boards.  Just like the chef who encourages responsible farming by joining with the farmer to create a market for the all that the animal provides, the Joinery’s choice is a concrete example of a business investing in better forestry.  More detail on this ongoing transition in food and farming may be found in Dan Barber’s _The Third Plate_.

But the story doesn’t end here – it includes you!

How will the Joinery know that selling the beautiful, high quality, forest enriching cutting boards is a good idea?

You got it!  They will sell lots of them and discover that their choice makes good business sense.

Just as the Joinery is investing in better forestry, you too can invest in their responsible furniture business.

With the holidays closing in upon us, please consider adding cutting boards to your shopping list.

They may be purchased at either Joinery location (922 SW Yamhill or 4809 SE Woodstock).

Thank you Joinery and thanks, in advance, to you!

note – thanks to those whose feedback helped us expand and clarify this post